It may sound cheesy, but we strongly believe that floating will change the world. We understand first-hand how detrimental our stress-packed lives can be — so we decided to do something about it. We opened Float Seattle in November of 2012 and became the first float center to have opened in Seattle since the early 1990s. We opened our Bellevue location in late 2015 due to the huge demand we felt at Float Seattle in Greenlake. Meditation is hard and we tend not to take time for ourselves away from phones and other distractions...floating is the antidote.  

This is the secret weapon you've been looking for to improve your life. Floating is the simplest way for you to reconnect with your own awesomeness. We're grateful to be bringing it to you. 

We take pride in doing things a little differently at our small business, and we have some of the most lenient membership policies in the industry - options for all kinds of floaters.  Our only goal is to open people up to the world of floatingthat's it. We're always cooking up cool stuff, so we'll be sure to keep you updated as we grow and evolve.


Aaron X is the All-Knowing Float Beast of the Northwest.  You may know him from such hits as "Float General Manager" and "100-Floats-in-100-Days." Aaron also happens to be our resident float model and an avid lucid dreamer. A self-taught grill-master-in-training and Maine transplant, we're lucky to have him at the helm. So when you see him, say hi!  Or ask him about his Snapchat cooking show Cooking with Aaron.


Annie is our Jane-of-all-trades: Photographer, silversmith, and natural-poducts-maker. Her likes include floating (duh), language acquisition, zero-waste living, books and blanket forts. Annie is the yin to our yang, the MgSO to our 7H2O. Follow Annie on Instagram or say "What's up my dude" when you see her frolicking in the streets!


Andrew is a seeker - always curious and looking to better himself and others through unconventional means. A world traveler and former barman, Andrew is a creative brainstorm, writer, and yogi - the kind of guy you need to know. Andrew works in Greenlake and Bellevue so show him some love next time you see him.


Seeking depth and authenticity, Jacob found what he was looking for in a float tank in the suburbs of Tokyo. Years later, it was that same seeking heart that led him to the doors of Float Seattle in Bellevue where you can find him today. Devoted meditator and yogi - Jacob is a humble student of peace, love, and wisdom. Share some tea and have a chat next time you're in!


Born and raised in the PNW, Max is an artist and adrenaline junkie. He enjoys stand-up comedy, mixed martial arts, and confronting the darker corners of his psyche. After experiencing the physical pain relief and a deeply introspective state during his first float, he knew it was a practice he wanted to pursue. Max works at our Greenlake and Bellevue locations, so stop by, say hi, and admire his perfectly folded towels.


Amanda comes to the float world having dabbled in the realms of Health & Wellness, Bodybuilding, and Alternative healing. Needless to say, this California Girl turned Seattlite is feeling right at home in our salty studios. Her float experiences have inspired her continued search for truth, awareness, forgiveness, and healing. When she's not making holistic natural product for her line, Say Hello To Sol, or teaching people about Holistic Nutrition and other sorts of Mind-Body-Soul connection goodness, she's here—waiting for you—ith a freshly folded set of towels and newly smudged room. Vibe with it.


A world traveler and cosmology enthusiast, Jessica enjoys brewing her own kombucha, hiking in the Cascades with her dog, and practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. After Jessica struggled with depression for years, her first float restored balance to her life sending her on a path of self discovery. She has dreams of opening her own wellness center someday.


Mahria has a lot of theatrical pizzazz. She was introduced to floating via method acting and her first float was over 5 hours long with her producer banging on the tank and creating all kinds of chaos! She then thought, "Hey, you know I'd like to meditate and try to be peaceful, so maybe this floating thing practiced in the way it was inteneded versus to create a neurotic, near-mental breakdown might be a cool thing!" And well, here she is. Loving the float. Sharing the float. Float.




Sean found for himself that floating and meditation can be the most powerful personal tools we may access. During his first float (in a stranger's basement), Sean had an out-of-body experience that drastically changed his path. He went from salesperson at a multi-media corporation to entrepreneur in 2011 and never looked back. This is the kind of guy who wants to know the secrets of the Cosmos...so he floats. Owner of Float Seattle, Sean is also a Life Coach and has a new podcast called The Mystic Mac.