Float Ambassadors are a part of our extended family - interesting, powerful individuals and influencers within the community. Our Ambassadors are dedicated to growth and embody our core values here at Float | Seattle. They are passionate about floating as a tool for healing and personal development, and are helping us to spread the word about this amazing therapy. They all approach floating from a unique perspective, and each has many hours logged in the tank (or pod). In exchange for some free floats, they're aiding our efforts to educate and engage our growing community. Say hi next time you see one of them in the studio or out there in the world!


Andrew Ginn

Festival and Event Producer, Bio-hacker

From producing music festivals and massive corporate events to seeking spirituality and bio-hacking, Andrew is always looking to scratch the itch of life. He's that friendly weirdo who drinks warm spring water, enjoys cold showers and loves tinkering with his Kale Shake recipe. At one point, Andrew was a full-time street musician at Pike Place Market and performed washboard on the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda! 

"Floating is my happy place. I've been with Float | Seattle since the doors opened in 2012, and fall deeper in love with the practice every time I step into the tank. Infinity room is my go-to. With all the madness a life in the event industry provokes, floating is the perfect reset button to keep my mind sharp and body rested. It allows me to think quick on my feet and problem solve whatever comes my way while staying centered and keeping my cool."

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 Follow Vanzell on  Twitter  and  Instagram .  Also check out his podcast -  The Lifted Scene

Follow Vanzell on Twitter and Instagram.  Also check out his podcast - The Lifted Scene

Vanzell Kirk III

Cannabis Cultivator, Horticulture expert, Podcaster

A retired U.S. Marine Corps E-5 Sergeant who served 5 years, 4 of which spent in Okinawa, Japan.  Van takes that discipline and experience and pours his heart into his current endeavors:  The Lifted Scene - a meditation-based podcast with topics ranging from plant-based diets, motivation, cannabis, psychedelics, entrepreneurship, to social media advice.  Vanzell is also a full time Cannabis Cultivator at Soulshine Cannabis, having loved growing Cannabis since he was 14-15 years old. His other interests include meditation, mindfulness, expanding consciousness, horticulture, cooking (Whole Food Plant-Based diet) and apartment gardening.

"As of today (9/1) I have meditated for 312 days consecutively. I've really gotten to know myself and spirit and the meditation process. When I first floated I automatically related my inner feelings and relaxation to what I experience in meditation, but X 10! I was instantly hooked.  I have yet to Astral-project but I get closer and closer every time. My goal now is to be able to Astral project on a regular basis and use the newly found places if my mind to explore myself and become a better and better human being everyday. Mind, Body & Soul. I know I have so far to go and so much to learn, but I know Float will help me to stay on the right path as I continue my journey."


Musician, Writer, Teacher, Yogi

"Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you...wholeness, love, and truth start here." 

Jessie learned to teach, but now she teaches to learn. Her passions have afforded her the title of professional searcher, seeker, and truth-sayer.  By diving deep into herself, she uncovers that which is universal.  Through her writing and music, she creates space to separate herself from suffering, desires, and fears.  In sharing her gifts with the world, Jessie holds space for others to do the same.  "Through yoga I am reminded to render myself childlike in fascination and sensitivity to the most subtle sensations in my body and mind. I am called to listen. Through music I am inspired to live consciously and vibrantly in the here and now. To savor and soak in every taste, sight, touch. Every story and every lesson."

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"Floating is a space to practice the art of letting go. It is thrilling to just show up, without the slightest idea of what to expect, and let whatever comes up work its way OUT. The good, the bad, and the ugly. A deep and thorough cleansing of consciousness. Every time I come out I feel a little...newer. A little more...myself. I have spent years dabbling in and practicing many different types of meditation. After experiencing floating I am convinced that it is not just the immediate payoff of a soothed nervous system and relaxed mind/body that I am receiving, but also space for the voice of genius/god/inspiration/love WHATEVER you want to call it, to speak out, to be heard. In a world where there is so much NOISE, these isolation tanks offer something greater than mantra, breath-work, gurus, or Google (haha) ever could. Pure and simple and so, so hard to come by: quiet, dark, being-ness."

Decker Davis

Sports Performance Trainer

Decker is a personal trainer and sports performance trainer out of San Diego, California. His 3 big F's are Faith, family, and fitness. Before working for Russell Wilson, Decker trained athletes of all ages, from young kids with dreams of being a pro, to current professional athletes looking to advance their careers. Decker is convinced he will lose his mind if he isn't doing something active or doesn't have food in his belly. Decker is doing his best to bring the sunshine and good health from San Diego to the Great Pacific Northwest.

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You can also find him at west2eastempire.com or his own website

"I started floating not too long ago and fell in love with it. The feeling of being alone with your thoughts while at the same time letting your body heal is a pretty surreal experience. It's like taking a break from the chaos of our lives and meditating on what's important to YOU. I can't wait to dive deeper and learn more about all the benefits of floating. Stay tuned!" 



Owner - The Ashram Yoga, Yoga Teacher, Psychotherapist

Claudia's passion is to drive personal change and to explore personal potential.  As a Marriage & Family Therapist for over a decade, she has worked in NYC as well as locally with a vast array of people from diverse backgrounds to help them move toward health and a better life.  She is passionate about helping clients have the healthiest relationships they possibly can and see relationships as a vehicle for self-growth.  As a yoga teacher, her work isn't so different.  Through practicing and teaching yoga as well as meditation, she's motivated by the process of her students facing the things that keep them from feeling peace, and moving through those obstacles to find a new sense of balance and freedom, whether that be physical, emotional, or spiritual. 

"Floating is a place to fully immerse myself in magic.  For me, every float is different.  But each time I'm in that pod, I go through this process of progressively letting go of layers of physical tension, often in places I didn't even realize I was holding stress.  Then, my mind unwinds and lets go.  And eventually, the magic takes over.  In that space, I always get what I need, but I never know what it is until I'm there.  Afterward, my perspective is fresh, inspiration is abundant, and my body feels reset.  Magic."

 Check out Josh's  Website   Follow him on  Twitter  and  Instagram

Check out Josh's Website

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram

Josh Dirks

CEO/Co-Founder of Project Bionic

Josh is a husband, father, geek-at-heart, and new media thought-leader.  At Project Bionic, Josh has pioneered and executed the “Listen, Create, Transform” process for many diverse clients - particularly in the health and fitness arena. He’s worked with Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Gold’s Gym, Bartell Drugs, Total Women, Float Seattle and many other organizations interested in activating an inspired community to support their brand.

“What I love about floating is both the pain-relief and the overall resetting of the mind. I broke my back 10 years ago while skiing and the doctors wanted to put me on Oxi at 35. There was no way I was going to do this and I've since found floating to be the only thing that gave me decent pain relief. As I've become more comfortable with floating, I began to feel my mind expanding, my focus improving, and I now thrive on the reset that an hour in the tank can provide. This has taken me on a new journey of self-exploration and consciousness expansion. I love that no two floats are the same.  The universe is my guide.“

Cameron Crisp

Videographer, Camera Operator, Consciousness Explorer

Cameron is on a quest.  Guided by feeling and curiosity, he dabbles in various modalities (meditation, yoga, and the more esoteric) to explore the inner realms... to face his fears, find courage, and cultivate a loving path as he continues on his Hero's Journey. When he's not pondering the mysteries of existence, you might find him at a Seahawks or Mariners game where he's a live event camera operator in the realm of sports and entertainment TV.  "The freelancing life offers me the opportunity to choose my own schedule and make time for the things I love to do - namely exploring consciousness and... floating!”

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"When I speak of exploring the great Mystery of Existence, floating is a near perfect embodiment of that practice. You step into the dark and silent tank with no agenda other than to just BE. Whatever happens to come up in the moment, you simply float in stillness and observe. As someone who is totally immersed in visuals and sound during most of my waking hours, floating is the great counter-balance to being over-stimulated. The water may be shallow but the experience can be vast and incredibly deep. There is so much to be explored and learned in that space. Whether you're following your curiosity or seeking physical relief, floating is worth a try. Come and feel what this salty water holds for you."

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Zachary SulTan

Founder of CareerRefined

Zack graduated from Washington State in 2012 and has been pretending to be an adult ever since. His most recent gig was at Zillow, but he now puts most of his efforts into his own company - CareerRefined. There, he spends his time helping clients de-stress while they're job-searching.  The focus is more on coaching and the client’s wellness rather than the search itself. In his free time, he loves hiking, running, attending local sporting events, and of course...floating! Fun fact - Zack is obsessed with ketchup and will put it on just about anything.

“Floating is my way of taking a break from the real world. It's a way to shut down from the constant stress of the typical Type-A, 9-5 lifestyle most of us live. There's no noise, no phones, and no responsibilities. Just me, myself, and I. As I've floated more and more, I've learned more effective ways to zone out compared to my earlier floats, when it took me much longer to get rid of the incessant mental chatter and just let go.”

 Check out Mike's coaching  website  or connect with him on Facebook -  here  or  here.

Check out Mike's coaching website or connect with him on Facebook - here or here.


Movement & Wellness Coach

As far back as he can remember. the guiding passion of Mike's life has been to embrace the unknown, attempt to understand it, and ultimately - teach it.  His aim is to have this passion permeate into every part of his life and allow him to be of service to others. Mike empowers individuals by simply asking questions that create shifts in perspective.  He believes that the realization of one's true purpose will lead to a more holistic, pleasurable, fulfilling, and sustainable wellness experience that will last a lifetime and inspire others to do the same.

"Floating has been the "training wheels" to my own deep interpersonal exploration and growth. It has opened doors of perception that I did not even know were there...truly life changing."

20180107_183207 (1).jpg

Orahava songstad

Owner of Holistic Mountain Healing (Ballard)

Hailing from Vail, CO, OrAhava is a licensed Ashiatsu Massage Therapist/Esthetician (LMT) and Nutritional Healing expert.  She is an avid learner through podcasts and any modality that helps to expand consciousness and promote healing. If she's not floating, you may find her in the mountains skiing/snowboarding or following the Dave Matthews Band as they tour across the country.

"A float session to me is comparable to... meditation, a great massage, yoga and plant medicine all in rolled into a tank of salt water. As a Massage Therapist/Esthetician, floating is imperative to help release my own tension in my muscles and reset my body to be able to heal others on a weekly basis. An hour in the tank also restores my mind...I am in a child-like state remembering to have fun and be free!"