Hello Float Fam!

Andrew here, one of the co-owners of Float Seattle. Chances are if you’ve floated with us in recent years, we’ve already met. I’ve facilitated tens of thousands (no joke) of float sessions here since joining the staff in 2015, and took over the reins from founder Sean McCormick last summer, along with longtime member and fellow Float-Head* Dean Parris.  

(* An endearing term we use for our tribe of float enthusiasts)

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Float Seattle is special. Sean created a business with compassion and soul, providing important tools that act as an antidote to many of the stressors of modern living. These studios are specially curated for self-care and exploration, and saturated with love and good intentions by all who work here. In today’s world, where our senses are constantly bombarded with stimulation, our float tanks provide an oasis of stillness and quietude. In the dark and silence of a float session, we find the purest version of ourselves. These tanks are the ultimate vehicles for relaxation, healing, and personal growth. Floating works. It’s undeniably life-changing. And we want to share it with our community and the world.

Our aim has been to maintain the essence of what Sean created, while improving and adding value wherever possible. We’ve continued providing world-class float experiences, and put an extraordinary amount of effort and care into optimizing these studios during our first year as business owners. Many of you lovely floaters have congratulated and gotten to know us better over the past year, while plenty I’m sure have barely even noticed a change. Either way, we’re not in this salty business for money, fame, or glory!  

We’re eternally grateful for the opportunity to provide such an important service, and we wouldn’t be here at all without your support. A float center is nothing without its guests. You are all part of a community looking for more. You’re seeking wellness on your own terms, you’re interested in exploring life and consciousness more deeply. You inspire us to keep doing our thing.

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I’m not a genius entrepreneur. I’m not a doctor, scientist, or coach. I haven’t made millions of dollars. I’m not a successful athlete. I’m just a regular guy who works hard, floats a lot, and tries to live life on his own terms. My path has been a winding one, and I didn’t necessarily dream of becoming a business owner. But here I am, helping people find relaxation, effective stress and pain management, and the means to explore their own potential. A strange and unexpected niche, but one that happens to be infinitely cool and fulfilling beyond belief.

For anyone interested in a brief bio for yours truly, here are the bullet-points:

  • Born and raised in the PNW, but I’ve spent a decent chunk of time living and traveling around the globe.

  • Besides almost 5 years as a float guide, I have 15 years of total experience in the service industry.

  • I’ve personally spent close to 400 hours in float tanks. No float is the same, and this practice remains central to my overall approach to wellness.

  • I have a history degree from UW. It obviously didn’t lead me to a specific career, but definitely sharpened my critical thinking and inspired me to live with curiosity as an adult.

  • I’m a dedicated yogi and 200-hr certified teacher at Spira Power Yoga in West Seattle, and have been continuing my education there with 3-5 workshops/year. I teach one class/week -- Mondays @ 6am. It helps me stay disciplined and honest about my own practice.

  • I’m a fan of minimalism and alternative lifestyle design, and might still be traveling if I hadn’t found Float Seattle.

  • I’m a student of history, philosophy, psychology, music, and business among other disciplines.

  • Cooking, hiking, playing music, good conversation…simple things help keep me present and grounded.

  • Plenty of the best experiences & opportunities in my life have come from following and nourishing my curiosity. Leaning into fear has expanded my comfort zone and greatly reduced social anxiety over the years. Bartending, playing music onstage, living abroad, running a business — all terrifying prospects before trying them.

  • I’ve benefited from having supportive parents and some incredible teachers, mentors, and friends throughout my life. I try to allow myself to learn something from everyone I interact with.

  • Like any human, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but try to see them as opportunities for growth (floating has helped with this perspective).

  • I’m an advocate for the potential healing and medicinal use of psychedelics, and plan to work more closely with MAPS in the future. (Float Seattle raised money for their phase III trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD last year).

  • I’m here to be of service and improve lives.

  • I’m only as good as the people around me. Fortunately, my partner Kara, as well as Dean and the rest of the Float Seattle crew are as exceptionally capable and kind-hearted as they come.

    Over the last 5 years, I’ve used floating to...

  • Overcome anxiety & depression. At a crucial time in my life, floating helped me view myself through a new lens. It wasn’t overnight, but my self-doubt gradually gave way to more confidence. My negative self-talk gave way to kindness and self-compassion. Excited to see that there’s currently some ground-breaking float research being done at LIBR in Tulsa, OK proving the benefits of floating for those dealing with anxiety & depression

  • Recharge. I can only speak for myself, but I find that as an introvert, I expend a lot of extra energy interacting with a world made for extroverts. Floating has become my ultimate sanctuary to renew my internal resources.

  • Reconnect to my breath and body. There’s nothing to do in a float tank but LISTEN. I gained a new appreciation for the vehicle that carries me through this world and the life force of breath that keeps me flowing.

  • Take responsibility for my own wellness. Epiphanies during float sessions inspired me to commit to a yoga practice and become more conscious about what I consume and the company I keep.

  • Gain invaluable insights into my own habits and conditioning, both cultural and self-made. We can’t change unless we see ourselves clearly. It’s also great for creative problem-solving.

  • Take control of my own story. Forgive myself and others and let go of much that doesn’t serve me. Embrace my present opportunities. Envision possible futures.

  • Find meaning. I spent a lot of my twenties seeking purpose and meaning outside of myself. Floating has helped me become more intrinsically motivated. I have a firmer grasp of what’s important, what inspires me, and what I’m here to do.  

  • Integrate unprocessed emotional baggage, as well as powerful experiences with plants.

  • Speed up recovery from a car accident last summer. This experience also gave me a window into the lives of some of our members and guests who float for chronic pain. While I’m thankful that my situation was temporary, it increased my empathy for those who spend the majority of their days in pain. The anti-inflammatory benefits of Epsom salt…amazing.

  • Manage stress. This is a big one. No matter how much work I’ve done on myself, running a business can be stressful. The effects of floating on down-regulating the nervous system and inducing total relaxation are incredibly reliable.

  • Improve sleep. I’ve never been great at establishing a normal routine, and my sleep often suffers. While I try not to rely on it, floating can help make up for lost hours and recalibrate my circadian rhythms in a pinch. I try to find a float tank any time I travel long distances to avoid jet-lag.

  • Simplify. Be more present. Floating helps peel away all of the surface layers of stress and tension that get in our way. When I’m floating regularly, I’m more mindful and attentive to what’s right in front of me. I put more care into my work. My relationships improve. I’m more at peace.

  • Explore. Floating can push us to explore new potential. For example, I’m fascinated by the prospect of using floating for improved language learning and knowledge absorption. More to come!

After years of searching for meaning, I can wholeheartedly say that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I’m in the thick of my hero’s journey. In Float Seattle, I’ve found an elusive alignment between my passion, skills, experiences, curiosities, and work. I’m aware of how rare and special of a thing this is, to wake up every day excited and ready to take on whatever challenge comes up. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else and I try not to take it for granted. By providing floatation therapy to this community, I’ve found a strong sense of purpose. In the words of Joseph Campbell, I’m following my bliss. My hope is that by floating with us, we can help you get closer to doing the same, whatever that means for you.

Changing the world happens at the individual level first, and however cheesy it sounds, one float at a time. We want to make high-quality float experiences more accessible to more people. We want to provide more education and connection for this community. We want to help you find your bliss and live happier and healthier lives.

So book a float if it’s been a while. Consider diving deep and using these float tanks for their full potential. Gift a session to a loved one who might need this in their life. You never know what can happen.

Thank you again for your support, and please come say hi at the studios anytime. I’ll probably be there, covered in salt, and loving every minute of it.

Much love and gratitude,