Boost Float Benefits With A Cold Shower

written by Andrew L.

Want to enhance your post-float glow?  

Try taking a cold shower next time you exit the tank.  Trust me, it’s awesome.

If you’re not already a fan of such things, freezing water doesn’t sound fun at all!  All you want to do is enjoy the luxury of a hot shower as you return from the void and come back to your senses.  Understandable.  It feels great, and by all means go right ahead!  But if you’re looking to get more out of your float experience, or are simply open to a bit of experimenting  - the colder the better!  

A hot shower is always tempting for the comfort and further relaxation that it provides.  But after a long, restorative float session, sometimes more relaxation can be counter-productive to your needs.   Before I converted to cold, I would occasionally notice that some of the goodness gained from a float - clarity, fresh ideas and insights, etc - was given a chance to fade a bit before I could fully integrate it and take advantage of my newfound perspective.  It was hard to admit at first, but I realized the hot shower immediately afterwards was part of the problem.  Keeping me calm and relaxed, the heat sometimes lead me into an “I want to melt into the couch” feeling after an hour in the tank, instead of propelling me to seize the rest of the day.  

Note: If your post-float plans involve heading straight to bed, feel free to ignore this and keep it hot!  

By contrast, I’ve found that a cold shower after a float not only helps revive my senses, but also adds a crispness, or sharpened quality, to the clarity gained from my tank meditation.  My mood is elevated, and those new insights seem to be a bit less slippery as I make a smoother transition back to my “normal” active state of consciousness.

It can sound unbearable when you’re not used to it, but taking a cold shower actually has a ton of proven health benefits.  The cold literally shocks your nervous system awake, helping you to eliminate fatigue and become mentally alert.  The deep breathing that the cold induces is your body’s reaction to stay warm, and greatly improves oxygen intake and overall circulation.   Even better than a cup of coffee, this can provide an amazing and natural energy boost for getting back to your day, while also aiding the immune system and relieving any leftover stress.  While we’re at it, cold showers are also great for muscle soreness and recovery, and are linked to healthier skin and hair, improved metabolism and fat-loss, and even relief from depression symptoms.

Ready for the challenge?

Freezing cold water is still freezing cold, no matter how you spin it.  You can certainly ease into it though.  No need to go full-on ice blast if you’re not ready.  At first, try taking a “Scottish” or “James Bond” shower - start warm and then slowly turn to cold and stay under for however long you can handle.  Increase your length in cold bit by bit each time as it gets easier.  You never know, you might even start enjoying it and doing it at home!