Float Times and Frequency

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written by Andrew L.

Float Times and Frequency  

Why 60 minutes?

When you open a float center, a big decision is to settle on the length of a standard float session.  Ultimately, we decided on 60 minutes. The reason is because it allows enough time to get into a meditative state for most people, while also preventing newcomers from feeling overwhelmed or like time is dragging on.  Generally, it takes most people 30-45 minutes to relax and let go of physical and mental tension, leaving the remaining time in the tank for the magic to happen. Over time and with consistency, it becomes easier to more quickly (10-20 minutes) slip into that sweet spot where you’re in a true resting state and your brain is producing more alpha and theta brainwaves instead of stress-induced and society-backed beta waves.  We’re talking about that unique float zone where you’re somewhere between sleeping and waking consciousness. If you’ve floated a few times, you know exactly what I mean! The more you float, the more you can surf in that zone, finding deep relaxation, creative insights, and interesting epiphanies about life.

If you’re looking for more…

If you have been floating for a while, we highly recommend experimenting with longer floats.  If you’re a member at Float Seattle, we will happily extend your float time for free if there’s no one booked after you - just ask if we don’t bring it up ourselves!  You can also pre-book 2 in a row to get a guaranteed long session (you get 2.5 hours when booking 2 sessions back to back since we don’t have to get in there to reset the room).

Extending your time in the tank can take you to new places in your float practice, mixes up your normal routine, and can help deepen your meditation in the tank and beyond.  There’s also something interesting that happens psychologically when you know you’re going to be in there for a while. For many it can be even easier to let go as you’re less concerned with when your usual hour is going to be up.   If the extra time happens to make you fidgety, you can always get out and take a quick shower break to reset! There’s no wrong way to do it. 

How often should one float?

Whether you are completely new to this or are already an avid floater, how often you float really depends on your own goals and circumstances. If you float for chronic pain you may need to go almost every single day to see results.  Our Limitless Memberships are perfect for this. If you are floating for general wellness or to really explore your consciousness, floating 1-2 times a week is probably perfect. We also have a lot of members who float 1-2 times per month, as a part of a larger stress maintenance and wellness practice.  Everyone is different and we’re happy to help you find the right frequency for you needs and interests.


However often you float though, consistency is important. If that is once a week or once a month, that’s up to you, but developing a routine will help you maximize your results.  In this way, floating is very similar to going to the gym. A one-off may be an interesting/fun/challenging experience, but true growth will only come from making it a discipline in your life.  Ideally, we recommend to start floating more frequently at the beginning (2-3 times/week - our Limitless-for-a-Week Pass might be a good place to start), and then you may be able to scale back from there once you really start to see the benefits -  pain relief, quicker recovery, reduced stress, meditative insights, and better sleep are some of the most common. There is no magic pill for anything, but we’ve seen time and time again how impactful this practice can be when people really give it a chance.


Ultimately, float tanks are a tool and your own practice is an ongoing self-care experiment that you’ll need to tinker with to get right.  Only you can figure out how to make floating work best for your needs. But you’re not alone - we’ve been doing this for a while and we’re here to help you figure it out (and keep it affordable)!

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