Supplements for Optimal Health and Floating

written by Andrew L. 

We get up every day, dedicated to providing world-class float experiences for our guests.  Our only goal is to help you grow, heal, and live at your absolute peak.  Whether you’re coming in to float for stress relief, pain management, improved athletic performance, meditation and consciousness exploration...we’ve got you!   There are no doctors here, but each of us at Float has many hours in the tank under our belts.  We’re float geeks, and we truly believe in the power of this weird and awesome tool to help you achieve all of the above and more!


As much as we have high standards for our staff and services, the same holds true for any additional products that we carry at the studio.  No shenanigans, this is real stuff that we use and love.  Specifically, we sell certain supplements that are synergistic with the float experience, designed to give you enhanced focus, increased relaxation, and vital nutrients to keep your body and mind functioning optimally.  The main companies that we partner with - Onnit and Natural Stacks - are powered by real people that we trust.  Some of which are backed by clinical research, they each employ sustainable practices to harness high-quality natural ingredients for all of their products.  We all share the same values of honesty and integrity, as we intend to make a positive impact on the community of people that we serve.


Supplements have been a divisive topic in the health and wellness community for a long time.  They’re not meant to replace real food and healthy practices.  Don’t expect any magic pills, but when the right supplements are used properly, they can indeed be very effective.  Each product that we carry is intended to give you an extra edge in some way, working well only when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.  If you’re eating junk food and sitting on the couch all day, Alpha Brain isn’t going to turn you into Superman!  Eat leafy greens, be consistent with some form of exercise, and get a decent amount of sleep every night if you can.  As with floating itself, have a good foundation before you start tinkering around.


Here are a few supplements that we recommend:


Alpha Brain - Onnit’s flagship nootropic (a term used for cognitive enhancers), Alpha Brain is used by athletes and creatives alike for increased focus and flow.  It has been clinically proven in double-blind placebo controlled studies to improve verbal recall and executive function.  Personally, I’ve often found that it helps clear mental fog and improves my ability to articulate ideas in conversation.  Try taking a serving an hour or two before your float if you’d like to combine modalities and let your subconscious get productive!

Ciltep - This is a similar, but slightly different nootropic from Natural Stacks, and is often used as a work/study aid to enhance the brain’s ability to retain information.  It is frequently used in tandem with moderate amounts of caffeine (your favorite tea or coffee) for best results (not before floating though!).  Float Founder Sean McCormick swears by this stuff and recommends floating with Ciltep for highly-focused problem solving if you’ve got a specific project that needs tackling.  Don’t try too hard - let the epiphanies come to you!

New Mood - Onnit’s New Mood utilizes L-tryptophan, 5-HTP, and Vitamin B6 to help the brain optimize serotonin levels.  Serotonin is vitally important to our well-being - it’s the key neurotransmitter in regulating happiness and overall mood.  Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work, or need some help in recovering from jetlag or lack of sleep, New Mood will help you out.  It’s not automatically going to flip the script if you’re feeling down and out, but it will definitely help your body and brain get the nutrients they need to get back on track.  Using New Mood while floating, I typically feel a greater sense of calm and have an easier time slipping into a state of deep relaxation.

If you’d like more info, click on the links for full product pages.  Or, next time you’re in the studio, feel free to ask any of our staff about these and any other supplements that we carry.  Keep in mind that these are only suggestions, and everyone processes and reacts to ingredients in slightly different ways. Taking any of the above products should be done with careful consideration and consultation if you are taking other medications.