The Magic of One Limitless Month

written by Sheri H.

This story is about the transformational power of saying YES to tuning in to yourself for ONE MONTH. In the past I have paid $500 for a weekend workshop with promises of greater self-awareness. I have once paid more than $1000 for a 10 hour intensive that was 1:1 with the goal of uncovering my true purpose. Despite my willingness to endeavor those pricey workshops and intensives, for some reason I could not bring myself to pay $199 for a month of Limitless floating. It felt too indulgent. I don’t believe that anymore. It was THE best therapy for my troubled mind. I scheduled 20 floats in 30 days and while floating in the tank during my first session, I made two very significant promises to myself:

  1. I would document my thoughts and experiences following each float to reflect on later.

  2. By the end of the month, I would have a clear vision for my next life project.

That’s all it took. Setting the intention. Being specific about what I was going to do. From there, actually doing it. Before I got out of my car that first night, I flipped my phone camera to face me and began to talk. I then walked inside my house and made a youtube channel called TransFLOATation, where I began uploading my in-car post-float videos. I did this after each float. By the 13th float, I had a vision for a project that lit my soul on fire.

All the pieces fit together. In the stillness of the tank, my body relaxed, my mind opened, I could see the opportunity more clearly than I’d seen anything before. I could imagine how it would feel, what it would sound like, look like and maybe even smell like. The project I envisioned would require me to become the best version of myself, utilizing my strengths and talents in new and exciting ways.

If you suffer from feeling “lost,” lacking direction or purpose, the truth is in you. Your soul knows your potential. You’ve just got to find a method to quiet your inner critic so you can listen more closely to your heart song. For me, that method turned out to be floating. Choosing to listen to your heart instead of your monkey mind gets easier the more you create space to tune-in with yourself. Floating gave me permission. It was a forced meditation space. The more intentional I was with that time, the more I was rewarded.

Thanks to my float practice, I can always tell when it’s time to return inward. This past week my inner-critic has shut me down pretty harshly. My anxiety builds as I approach the launch of my new project. To re balance, my next move after finishing this sentence is to log on to Float Seattle’s booking site and schedule an hour of soul soothing tranquility and healing. Maybe I’ll see you there. I’ll be the one blissed out with a smile!

To the folks of Float Seattle with love and gratitude,


(dedicated to Teresa)