It may sound cheesy, but we strongly believe that floating will change the world. We understand first-hand how detrimental our stress-packed lives can be — so we decided to do something about it. We opened Float Seattle in November of 2012 and became the first float center to have opened in Seattle since the early 1990s. We opened our Bellevue location in late 2015 due to the huge demand we felt at Float Seattle in Greenlake. Meditation is hard and we tend not to take time for ourselves away from phones and other distractions. Finding an effective pain management and physical recovery regimens can also be tough.

Floating is the antidote.  

This is the secret weapon you've been looking for to improve your life. Floating is the simplest way for you to heal and reconnect with your own awesomeness. We're grateful to be bringing it to you. 

We take pride in doing things a little differently at our small business, and we have some of the most lenient membership policies in the industry. Options for all kinds of floaters. Our only goals are to open more people up to the world of floating and continually add value to the experiences of our current guests and membersthat's it. We're always cooking up cool stuff, so we'll be sure to keep you updated as we grow and evolve.


Float Seattle Owner/GM Andrew is a lifelong learner, always curious and looking to better himself and those around him. An international traveler and former barman, Andrew is now a dedicated yogi and passionate entrepreneur looking for creative ways to grow this amazing community and business. Andrew believes floatation therapy is the best way to reconnect with the fundamental nature of who we are and tap into our true potential. He has facilitated thousands of float sessions, and has personally used the tank to learn to meditate, fine-tune his purpose and mission, and most recently to speed up his recovery from a car accident. Indeed, he’ll be the first to tell you that there is something powerful for everyone to discover from a regular float practice. He splits his studio time between Greenlake and Bellevue, and finds joy in connecting with guests and members every day. For the early birds, Andrew also teaches a Monday 6am class at Spira Power Yoga in West Seattle!


Now co-owner of Float Seattle, Dean has done a little bit of everything. A former chef, student of trans-personal psychology and comparative mythology, professional DJ, local business professional with over twenty years of experience at various non-profit, private, and public sector companies. Having managed lifelong anxiety and depression arising from PTSD Dean originally started floating as a way to deal with overwhelming workplace stress. He quickly came to the conclusion that Flotation Therapy is “basically good for everything” and it has become the “center around which all my wellness practices revolve”. In his downtime he enjoys playing board games, pushing watercolors into paper, cooking elaborate meals, reading anything he can get his hands on, getting out into the wild, and loving on his dog.


Annie is our resident artist. Photographer, silversmith, and skin-care potion maker. During her first year with us she floated 100 consecutive days (!) mastering the Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming technique in the process. Her likes include language acquisition (French, Swedish, Italian), zero-waste living, books, botany, biodynamic farming and beyond. Follow Annie on Instagram & bring her your expired film rolls if you don’t plan to shoot them!


A world traveler and cosmology enthusiast, Jessica enjoys brewing her own kombucha, hiking in the Cascades with her dog, and practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. After Jessica struggled with depression for years, her first float restored balance to her life sending her on a path of self discovery. She has dreams of opening her own wellness center someday.


Greg is a slack-line wizard, discus thrower, and aspiring bio-hacker. Having dealt with depression, anxiety, and ADHD for years, Greg has found the meditative states in the float tank to be as close to a heal-all as there is. Getting to explore altered states of consciousness and share floating with people on a daily basis is a dream come true for him. Greg is a jolly dude with an infectious smile. Grab some tea and have a chat after your float.


Seth likes to keep things running smooth. He's got a knack for finding innovative solutions. Between teaching urban agriculture and building aquaponics systems, he is often out exploring our great PNW, painting watercolors, or meditating in a float tank near you. For Seth, floating cuts the invisible edge out of life and makes for a more peaceful and clear path. Next time you see him, ask how things are growing, or checkout his Instagram for Anything Aquaponics.


Max is our undisputed towel folding champion, a 3rd degree black belt in the cotton rectangle arts. When he's not training to defend his world title he enjoys stand up comedy, tattoos, hiking, meditation, and meeting dogs that don't share the same name as him (rare). Max originally started floating for back pain but has fallen in love with the cognitive benefits of time spent in the tank. Come say hi and admire his towels at our Greenlake or Bellevue location.


Kara is the newest member of our team, but no stranger to Float Seattle. She's been floating on and off with us for 4 years and is beyond excited to share the experience with others on a regular basis. Having dealt with anxiety and depression in the past, Kara has found a new sense of purpose, balance, and self-love through a combination of yoga and floating. Kara loves helping people, and looks forward to making some cool connections with our guests as they discover their own awesomeness.