Partner Discounts

Members - Pick up your Float Seattle Community Card (expires each month) to enjoy special discounts with our partners.

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(walk-in only)

$20 First Freeze,

20% off all ongoing services

Greenlake & Ballard

30% off 4 or 8 class packages (code: float30)

West Seattle & Issaquah

10% off all class passes and memberships


Walk-in board rentals - $20/day

More coming soon!

Retail Items

Members also receive 10% off all Retail Items purchased in-studio from these awesome companies

Alpha Brain (90 ct or 30 ct)

Alpha Brain Instant singles

New Mood (30 ct)

Melatonin Spray (Mint or Lavender)

Vitamin D Spray (flavorless)


Myco Boost

Myco Immune

Adaptogenic Tea Blends

Chocolate Hustle

Coconut Warrior

Orange Dreamsicle

CBD Vaporizer Pens

Peppermint, Spearmint, Cinnamon, Lavender, Grapefruit, & Lemon available

CBD Spray 100 mg (Mint or Cinnamon)

CBD Muscle Balm 100 mg


Himalayan Salt Lamps