Floating regularly in a weightless, stimulus-free environment allows us to achieve homeostasis; to reach a place of balance. One hour at a time, the body and mind can rest deeply and have the time to heal, process, recover, and even discover. This is why we’re here, doing what we do — providing access to an experience of your deepest self in order to promote a healthier, happier you. All of the decisions we make, from the products we sell to the people we hire, everything we do is devoted to supporting this mission. We all do our best work, give the most love, and find the most joy when we have optimal health of mind, body, and spirit. You deserve to find out for yourself. You deserve wellness.


While floating is a very personal experience and practice, the real magic happens when we get together. Ideas are exchanged, support is given, love is shared. We’re dedicated to finding new ways of connecting with like-minded businesses and interesting individuals, while also providing the space and opportunity for you all to meet each other. We’re only as cool as the community we foster, and you guys are pretty awesome. We’re honored to be of service to you.


Openness to new experiences, new ideas, new perspectives, and new ways of being is crucial for our continued growth and evolution. No two floats are the same just like no two people are the same. Floating reminds us to surrender to the moment, be patient, and remain open to all possibilities. It helps us to listen compassionately and without judgment to our bodies, our deeper selves, and to each other. As seasoned floaters know well, this hourly practice quickly translates into life beyond the tank. We believe that a world of peace, kindness, and love begins at the individual level and grows one float at a time.


Fear can be a powerful force in many peoples' lives. Even an hour in a float tank is scary to some. What if we replaced fear of the unknown with curiosity? What if we asked more questions about what’s possible, whether for ourselves or for our community? Floating is an incredible tool for fostering that child-like imagination and beginner’s mind leading to novel connections, original thinking, and powerful insights. When our anxieties and fears melt into a feeling of blissful expansion while weightlessly floating in the dark, it shows us that these same fears that may seem insurmountable are really very small and manageable. So, be playful, be curious. Good things will happen.


We all have goals and dreams of things we’d like to accomplish, of relationships we’d like to experience, of ways we’d like to be in the world. We believe floating to be the best tool for tapping into your own innate wisdom to facilitate and develop the ability to not only get what you want, but also learn when to let go. Treat it like your own personal dojo. A place to not only recover and rest, but to practice listening to the best parts of yourself, to foster some self-love and care. To work things out. To clear out the clutter and envision a path forward through challenge. We strongly believe in listening to the truth of that inner voice that we all find in the tank. Floating allows us to cultivate more and more inner-space, develop more creativity, become more productive, and find the energy and wisdom to reinvest ourselves in the important things of life.


It really is all you need.

While we admit, floating may not be the answer to everything or be for everybody, we encourage you to find out for yourself by engaging with the values above. Even if floating isn’t for you, we’re grateful that you’ve read this far at all!

Be excellent to yourselves, to each other, and float often!

Love infinitely,

Float Seattle