Thinking Of Floating With Us? 

Here's what to expect on your first visit.


Book your float session through our website or over the phone (206) 673-5132. Check out our FAQs and other resources online, or feel free to call if you have any specific concerns. On the day of your float avoid shaving, and try not to consume a big meal or caffeine within an hour or two of your float. Arrive 10 min. early to de-stress, sign a waiver, and receive a walk-through.

Meet & Greet

When you arrive, one of our experienced float guides will get you checked in, show you around, and walk you through the whole float process. They'll give you some helpful tips and make sure you feel totally at ease!


Before your float

Get those earplugs in nice and snug and take a thorough shower (not too hot!) as you start to unwind. When you're ready, dry your face well, turn off room lights, and step into the float tank. Slowly lie back and enjoy some much-needed weightlessness with zero effort.  

aaron shower.jpeg

During your float

Once you've turned off the light and settled into a comfortable position, center yourself and breathe easily. Scan your body and begin to relax the tension from your muscles. This can be an interesting process, almost like a self-diagnostic. Be kind and patient with yourself.

Enjoy the peace and quiet, and allow your thoughts to flow naturally. This is a perfect environment to explore your meditation practice if you have one, brainstorm ideas, or simply focus on taking deep inhales and exhales, counting them if you wish. Eventually, as your body and mind relax, you will enter a state where your brain is producing more theta waves. This normally occurs right as you fall asleep or right when you wake up, and can feel dreamy, timeless, and incredibly blissful. The more you float, the easier it is to slip into theta.


Enjoy the lasting benefits

After your hour-long session, your body and mind will feel refreshed and invigorated due to the weightlessness and isolation from the outside world. Feel free to drink some tea and hang out on the couch before continuing on with your day. We recommend taking a few minutes at least to sit, reflect, and simply notice how you feel. Try to avoid the urge to go straight for your phone. Feel free to write or draw in our journal instead!

We love talking about floating. Don't hesitate to share with us — interesting experiences, cool ideas — we may be able to offer additional tips for your next float as well. 

Keep in mind that the experience isn't over when you step out of the tank. Many people report feelings of clarity and enhanced well-being for days afterward. Studies show that floating decreases stress hormones and increases dopamine and endorphin production. A consistent float practice has cumulative benefits. Talk to our staff about floating more with us!   

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