testimonial 16

Kalid A.

"I love going to float -- been there 5 or 6 times now. They're open late, staff is always friendly, and I'm so glad to have a center in a convenient location.

Floating isn't for everyone, but if you're into meditation at all (and curious about seeing how your monkey mind behaves in the absence of any stimuli) I'd highly recommend it."

testimonial 12

Niall M.

“Not only do I believe the art of floating is an important and revolutionary development, I am also confident that Float Seattle is on the forefront of this movement. While I could go on about the benefits of floating, instead I will simply urge you to try it for yourself; there's nothing you can lose. As for where to go for your first float? Float Seattle is the spot. While the location and the facilities are immaculate, and the atmosphere is clear, calm and welcoming, the aspect that makes Float soar is the incredibly thoughtful, informative and supportive float gurus who will send you off and welcome you back from your journey. Enough from me though, go give it a try for yourself!”

Testimonial 7

Hillary M.

"I've been floating for almost 2 years now and prefer Float Seattle. I agree with other reviews that the location is a bit 'industrial' rather than 'spa' - but the service is so great. And they're upgrading their showers shortly.  I definitely recommend doing at least 3 floats before you decide if you like it (it took me that long to be sure).  Float Seattle is great not only because of their friendly, relaxed attitude (onsite and online) but because you can usually find parking not too far away (it is Green Lake - so it's always a bit busy).  If you've never floated before, you might try the Ocean tank first - it's a lot more 'open' than the others."

Testimonial 5

Ashley R.

"I'm so grateful to have stumbled upon Float Seattle. Floating is such a wonderful way to expand your mind and treat your body. It's like you're looking in the mirror for the first time. Also, the people here are some of the most genuine I've ever met. Do yourself a favor and pay this place a visit or 3."

Testimonial 4

Autumn P.

"I love Float Seattle.. they are clean, quiet, their water is always really well balanced and the facility is so nice and cozy and did I mention... quiet?!! I've been to four in the Seattle area and this is the best experience by far.  I think if I had my first float at one of the other venues I might not have tried it again. The facility really makes a difference in the experience."

Testimonial 3

Brian H.

This float place is one of the best businesses in the area in general in my opinion. The place is clean, staff is friendly, and to top it all off their float memberships are so flexible that I was surprised at some of the stuff they will let you do with the membership and I obviously had to get one after that.